About Us


Hilda M. Castillo, a commercial real estate agent and wife of a prominent physician, serves on the local Medical Society Alliance Board, and it was there that she discovered a real need for an online resource for the health care community.

What the community lacked was a centralized place where physicians, residents, nurses and other health-related professionals could search for jobs, training, schools, supplies and services specifically targeted for their needs. It was from this idea that WhatzUpDocs.com was born. Whether a physician looking for a partner or qualified office staff or a nurse, physician’s assistant, or receptionist searching for a practice to call home, any health professional can place an ad or search the site and find a exactly what they are looking for. The same goes for staffing companies, home health services, hospitals, insurance and financial agencies, medical supply and equipment companies, and many other related support services.

As a real estate agent and physician’s wife, Hilda understands the need for quality office space, and incorporated a real estate section that caters exclusively to health care professionals. Here, a physician can look to lease, purchase or sell a building, office space or land and offer or find investment opportunities in any part of Texas and the United States by entering a state, city and zip code. Additional sections include a calendar of events, a discussion board, and a ticker tape with current “hot” listings.

“Our ultimate goal is to become the Craigslist of the medical community,” says Hilda. “WhatzUpDocs.com is a young Website with room to grow, and we are looking toward the health care community itself to help shape and perfect an online space to meets its needs.”